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How I Get FREE Electronics, Plasma TVs,
Electronic Toys, Small Kitchen Appliances, Purses,
Handbags, and Even More to Test and Keep Forever!

Let me show you how I get expensive
merchandise totally free for life…

This is how I received thousands of dollars worth of free merchandise just by signing up as a consumer product reviewer. And now, even six months later the free merchandise just keeps appearing on my doorstep every few weeks like clockwork.

I used this easy, legal and legitimate “secret insider program” to get over $5,000 worth of free merchandise in my first 30 days…

Posted by: Jennifer Sutton

My name is Jennifer and I’m from Richardson, TX.

I figured out a legitimate and legal way to get loads of free expensive merchandise for me and my family.

I know it sounds crazy, but read this post closely because I will reveal everything I’ve learned from this wonderful experience and here’s how it all works!

I discovered a hidden secret buried deep inside the manufacturing and distribution industry! Here it is … Every year huge manufacturing companies give away millions of dollars worth of free merchandise to a select group of consumers just like you and me.

The reason these companies give away all these great products from their massive inventories is to qualify for Huge Tax Breaks and they Write Off all this merchandise as legitimate marketing expenses.

This is something that most of us have never heard of and it even sounded very unbelievable to me in the beginning. But, the thing is, most people don’t even know that companies even get these kind of Multi-Million Dollar Tax Write Offs by simply giving away demo units and samples of their products…

Also, most people certainly wouldn’t even know where or how to sign up to become eligible to receive these great FREE products even if they knew the programs existed.

Below are pictures of some of the
Totally FREE Products I have received so far…

The companies get their marketing Tax Write Offs and I get the Free Merchandise!


It is important to understand that these products are Totally Free!
All I do in exchange for these awesome free products is one simple thing.
I write a short email telling how I liked or disliked each product. This is called independent consumer product reviewing… That’s what makes it legal for the companies to give all these products away free and this is how they get their huge marketing tax write offs.

I told two of my very close facebook friends about this, they signed up and begin receiving their Free products within 30 days too… It’s really that easy!

Quick Overview of How I First Got Started:


In the first 30 Days I received over $5000 worth of FREE Merchandise by signing up for a consumer product reviewer membership package:

Step 1: I got my Consumer Product Reviewer Membership from this link- Small signup fee required – but totally worth it!

Step 2: Then I created my username and password in their members area.

Step3: I watched the members training videos and started Selecting My Free Products Immediately - After watching the training videos, I was able to view the huge database with over 2,500 manufacturers products that were available FREE. I immediately begin picking, choosing and requesting all the Free Products I wanted. I felt like a kid in a candy store, it was soooo much fun!

Now I’m on an “INSIDERS LIST” and DHL and Fed-Ex just keep bringing more and more FREE merchandise to my front door every few weeks like magic!

I received my first shipment of free merchandise within the 1st month (I think it was like 29 days to be exact) and now products just keep showing up on my door step every few weeks like magic!

It’s kind of a rolling snowball effect! - Once you get started, other companies and manufacturers put you on their “list” and start sending you free merchandise too because they all need their huge quota of Marketing Tax Write Offs fulfilled… It’s really crazy, because I quickly became overwhelmed with all kinds of expensive electronics, small kitchen appliances, electronic toys for my kids and more!

And listen, if they ask you to upgrade to a Gold Level Membership JUST DO IT!

As an exclusive Gold Level Member, I have been able to receive non-electronic items like golf clubs, purses, designer handbags, mopeds, jewelry, clothing and even shoes!

All I do is use each product at least once and write a short email telling how I liked or disliked that item. But, to be honest, it really doesn’t matter what I write in the email because the companies still get their tax write off just for sending me the free item anyway.

It’s like having Christmas every month of the year!

Truthfully, I have received so much free stuff that my garage was getting packed full and I’ve started selling off the things I don’t want or need on eBay… The plus side is that I’m making quite a good bit of money just selling the stuff that I don’t really want! – All of my inventory is free so I can make lots and lots of extra money just being an independent consumer product reviewer. It’s just an awesome program!

I was Ripped Off and Scammed many times before I found this Great Legitimate Program!


Listen, I saw that scheme advertised on TV late at night where you’re supposed to get deeply discounted merchandise for your home by just becoming a member of their so called “buyers club”. I begged and begged my husband to let us join. Then after we paid our money I found out that the discounts were not really discounts at all. Plus, you end up paying enormous membership fees just to be a member of their scammy “discount club.”

That is a rip off and it ended up costing us way more than any real discount we could have ever received on merchandise. To be honest, if you’ve seen that “discount club” offered on TV, just save your money and don’t get ripped off!

I also got scammed by some of the websites that “promise” to give you free merchandise, but then you have to do surveys, refer other friends, fill our trial offers and you still never get anything free.

This is way different because it WORKS Period! – There are NO Surveys, NO Referring Friends and No Trial Offers!

The consumer product reviewer program that I’m doing here is awesome! It took me a long time to research quite a few different programs before I find out about this one that really, really works…

Now I just want to share my excitement with a few other families so they can get started too – because in this economy we can all use a extra break!

Everyone who needs to make xtra money or just enjoys getting FREE Stuff should try this!


Listen, these huge manufacturing companies get all kinds of Tax Breaks, Government Bail-Outs and Tax Write Offs every way they turn… Then we honest tax payers end up footing the bill to cover all these programs that only benefit the big corporations and we get nothing in return.

Isn’t it about time we legally get our share of the billions of dollars that they are wasting every year?

What I’m saying here is this… I certainly don’t feel bad about taking my fair share of this billion dollar a year free merchandise pie, because if I don’t do it someone else will… You can bet on that!

If you do decide to join this program, I hope you have as much success with this fun as I am having!

Success to you and your loved ones,

Jennifer Sutton & Family



By: Jennifer |

Hey everyone... I thought I'd open up the comments so that you can ask questions or share your experiences too.

By: Nancy Lester |

Hi, Jennifer, it took me a bit longer than you said to receive my first shipment of products, about 34 days but it was worth it. I receive a 47' LED Plasma TV, a small mixer and blender for my kitchen, several cool remote control toys for my kids, two digital cameras, a HD camcorder, and a color printer. I cannot explain how much this has bettered my life. I can't wait to get my next shipment of free stuff.

By: stayhomemom19 |

By: Jennifer |

Just go to site that I have linked in the main post above and fill out the consumer product reviewer membership form... There is a small fee to get started though... well worth it.

By: stayhomemom19 |

hey jennifer r u sure there are no surveys or referrals to do, cuz i hate doing that kind of stuff?

By: Jennifer |

Hey, there are Absolutely NO survey, NO referrals, and no advertising offers to complete, etc, This has nothing to do with that kind of mind numbing stuff. Just go fill out the consumer product reviewer membership form, watch their video instructions in the members section and start selecting your products.... There are over 2500 manufacturers items free for the asking.

By: Cheerio114 |

Quick question-- How long does it usually take to start receiving the free merchandise?

By: Mary Brown |

im so surprised. i actually got my first shipment of products today... i didnt believe this would work but if ur in doubt just give it a try yull be happy:0

By: kipper719 |

My husband and me received our 1st shipment of products in 31 days and you should see all the great stuff we got. I even got a great new laptop computer that I am using right now to type this message! This is an unbelievable program. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this info with us.

By: Jennifer |

So glad that everyone is having the same results. It only gets better with time. Truly the products never stop coming. I now have plasma tvs in almost every room of our home thanks to this program. My husband has received a lot of handyman type tools and stuff for the garage too. Did I mention the great moped?

By: rideonit225 |

Been needing a new laptop for quite a while and now I got 2 (yes two) new laptops in the past month with this program. Its really easy, just log on and start requesting products from the database.

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